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Church Interior


Looking for great liturgy done in a contemporary style? That’s us. Worship services include songs/hymns, readings from the Bible, and prayers. We celebrate the family meal of communion every week.


On the outside, we may look fairly traditional. On the other hand, we proclaim a radical inclusivity, are ready to break the rules when they don’t make sense or aren’t helpful, and just might do things in church that aren’t usually done. God’s Spirit calls us to be creative in our worship time! Church doesn’t have to be boring!

In Person

Sundays at 9:30 am

332 W. Alejo Road, Palm Springs, CA 92262


Online via YouTube

Worship videos, uploaded weekly, designed for an in-home experience and viewable on your own time. Click the link below to be redirected to our YouTube channel and to view our current and archived Virtual Worship videos.

Live Stream

Live via Facebook

Click the link below to be redirected to our Facebook page to view our Live Stream. Sundays at 9:40 am.

Once you're on our Facebook page, scroll down until you see the live feed. Click on the picture to expand to full-screen. If you want to follow along, you'll find a link to the worship folder in the comments section.

*Covid-19 Protocol for In-Person Worship, as of 9-1-21:

We are a faith community that intends to remain healthy and that contributes to the well-being of the greater Palm Springs community. We follow all federal, state, and local guidelines when it comes to our safety protocols/practices. With that in mind, our Covid safety protocols have shifted throughout the pandemic. Currently, we are taking temperatures at the door and ask you to register when you arrive for the sake of any later contact tracing. We ask that you keep your mask on at all times, with the exception of when you may be sitting at the fellowship tables enjoying a cup of coffee. Chairs are spaced for proper social distancing. Hand sanitizer is provided at several different stations. Our worship space is large and well-ventilated.


We ask that those who are not vaccinated refrain from attending “in-person” worship and participate in worship through one of our online offerings.


  • What do I wear?

Dress is casual. Come as you like. Most wear shorts and flip-flops; others like to dress up. It’s completely up to you. 

  • What time shall I arrive?

Arrive right when worship is scheduled to begin or come 15 to 20 minutes early. We begin our morning with a time of fellowship around coffee and lite snacks. In that casual setting, we make our introductions and share announcements. From there we move over to an adjacent space and after a time of “centering,” continue with worship. 

  • Do I have to give?

No. Anyone who attends worship either in person or online, or comes to a Bible study or another event, is considered part of River of Hope – completely and fully. Giving financially is not a requirement to be part of our faith community. Nonetheless, several but not all of our folks, do give generously as a way of responding to God’s love and grace and in support of our mission/ministry. Others who have no financial means to give, discover other ways to offer themselves to the work we do together.

  • What about membership?

We’re not sure we believe in membership. Membership draws lines between those who are on “the inside” and those who are peripheral and we’d rather not do that. All who are part of River of Hope have equal status, voice, and vote. That may adjust as we become an official congregation with legal obligations as an incorporated charitable organization; but until that time, if you want to have a membership in something, join the gym!

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